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Language: English

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ÀVORA is a brand where timeless classics meet playful collectibles, drawing inspiration from the Southern European lifestyle infused with Scandinavian design elements. This blend gives the brand a flair of effortless sophisticated elegance and contemporary femininity.

ÀVORA embodies the fusion of elevated classics and the future. Our philosophy is anchored in creating and designing what we love, with a focus on wardrobe heroes that stand the test of time. We are dedicated to maintaining a consistent brand expression and strive to provide a compelling visual identity that resonates with our audience.

ÀVORA personifies the concept of dressing up and reimagining timeless pieces.

A note from our founders

Our journey toward creating a more sustainable and timeless brand began with a design collaboration. We both realized our shared dedication to quality, fit, and sustainability, and we wanted to share our passion with others. Thus, ÀVORA came to life.
ÀVORA's vision is to blend our individual personalities - femininity, playfulness, and boldness - which has become the defining essence of ÀVORA as a brand. We prioritize ensuring that ÀVORA remains a versatile and reliable choice in your wardrobe, no matter your personality or the occasion.
Bianca Ingrosso & Vanessa Lindblad